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Chocolate Raspberry Mac & Cheese

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

My September News Letter will be the many variations of Mac & Cheese I have come up with over the years. To date, I have created 26 different variations on the classic American dish including Chocolate Raspberry Mac & Cheese.

Several years back I entered a Mac & Cheese contest and I came in second. The judges at first said this was just wrong when they saw my entry, but they decided it to move my recipe forward to the test kitchen, first to see if it worked and how it tastes. I was told that all but one judge loved it and I would have won but it was too many steps for their readers to follow.

I will be doing a step by step photo recipe for this recipe in the News Letter, maybe a video (I have not quite gotten a handle on the taping yet)

To receive the News Letter you must sign up for through the website.

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