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I have only been really cooking seriously for the last 16 years.  I was terrified by the thought of cooking, it seemed so hard.  I use to go to restaurants and think it was a magical world that only the chosen few with talent could create.  Then I came to the realization, that creativity in theater, fashion, design, or art has all the same elements.  A sense of adventure and combining ingredients, whether that be fabric, paint, wood, or any other medium, into something new.

With my newfound realization, I jumped into the kitchen with both feet and never looked back.

I have notebooks and pads in almost every drawer in my kitchens and I write down everything a try, cross-out that which does not work, adjust, and when it ready I try it out on husband and friends.  I realized that the best cooking is about fresh food, the best ingredients, the joy of cooking, and sharing your creation with friends, family, and others. Cooking is a social activity, it the original social media. 


Enjoy Cooking.

" Cooking, the first Social Media"™

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