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Very Berry Dessert

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

I created this back in 2007 for a dinner party due to many of the guests had chocolate allergies, needless to say, it was a big hit. It is really simple and you can make it ahead. If you are making it ahead, leave off the final layer of topping and dress it a few hours before serving. The reason is the berry mixture will bleed through the topping after a few hours.


4 pints of fresh blueberries

2 pints of raspberries

2 pints of blackberries

4 packages of Italian Lady Fingers

2 8oz packages Mascarpone cheese

1 cup raw sugar or 3/4 cup raw honey

1 cup heavy cream

3/4 cup raw powdered sugar or honey powder

1 lemon, juiced and zest

1 teaspoon Real Vanilla extract

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon


In a large saucepan add blueberries, raw sugar or honey and lemon juice and zest and bring to a boil. Then reduce the heat a simmer for 5 minutes. Next, add the raspberries and blackberries and stir to warm about 2 minutes. Remove from heat.

In the stand mixer, with the whisk unit attachment, place the Mascarpone cheese and powdered sugar or Powdered Honey and mix to blend. With the mixer on low add the heavy cream, cinnamon, and vanilla and blend until smooth. Note: if using the powdered honey you may need to have it run a spin in the spice grinder in order to the powder it bit finer.

You will need a large casserole, I use a 16 inch by 9 1/2 inch by 3-inch deep oval casserole for this dish. Place a single layer of ladyfingers on the bottom of the casserole, next spoon berry sauce over ladyfingers. Add another layer of ladyfingers and sauce and then one more layers with sauce. Next cover the top with the mascarpone mixture, cover with plastic wrap and chill for at least 2 hours. I decorate the top with some whole berries and serve.

Enjoy Cooking

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